Distribution &
Liquidity for the
Global Tokenization

We are deploying an open peer-to-peer network interconnecting regulated financial institutions so that investors can own, trade and leverage any asset
FinP2P specifications

The vast majority of assets in the world are private, and the market has been growing twice as fast as public markets, yet it remains mostly offline.


Private: 98,000 Firms

Public: 22,000 Firms


Private: 250 trillion

Public: 106 trillion

Real Estate

Private: 317 trillion

Public: 10 trillion

Ownera led a group of 70 financial institutions and fintechs to design FinP2P, an open source, decentralized protocol, interconnecting all platforms

Enabling digital trading between clients of financial institutions across:

  • any blockchain or traditional ledger
  • any issuance or exchange platform
  • any custody technology
  • any settlement currency
  • any reg compliance engine

A unified Theory of Digital Financial Markets

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Keynote Presentation of the Ownera vision to an audience of 25,000 at the 2021 LA Blockchain Summit

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