for Ownership

Digitizing the ownership of trillions of dollars in assets, and creating a global liquid market, is an unparalleled financial opportunity with massive socio-economic implications

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Global Equity

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Global Debt

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Global Real Estate

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The Internet
of Ownership

Ownera is a global base-layer Proof of Ownership protocol on which the market can compete to manage all regulated asset ownership and trade.
ONLY the core basic building blocks of ownership, common to all asset classes
Open to ALL, as long as they meet the legal requirements
As tradable as market regulation allow. As liquid as market demands
Proof of Ownership which would be unequivocally accepted by any court of law

The 9 Principles
of Ownera

Real Owners
People or legal entities KYC/AML approval
Real Assets
Assets in the real world, paired to Ownera tokens via KYA
Expert Nodes
Financial and Commercial entities, with trusted ownership services expertise
Atomic Trades
Core transaction – exchanging tokens for payment
Proof of Ownership
Consensus designed to prove ownership of off-chain assets
Financial Incentives
Powering a global economy of trusted ownership services
Regulatory Repository
System-level regulation-compliance functionality
Full control over privacy for assets and owners
Public, transparent, non-profit, permission-decentralized, commercially led

Why Do We Need a
Use Case Specific Blockchain?

The most basic building blocks of regulated ownership are 2nd class citizens on all current blockchains.
A unique use-case of such massive scale ($ trillions), must have a platform optimized for its needs.
Existing blockchains were not designed, and have no incentive protocols for proving off-chain ownership.

Meet Ownera

Watch the video of Ownera founding team member Ami Ben-David presenting  Ownera to the world at the October 2018 Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles.

Team Members
Spice VCAmi Ben-David
Co-FounderAlon Goren
Co-Founder | SvP RnDYuval Carmel
Co-FounderJosef Holm
Co-Founder | CTODiego Besprosvan

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