of Ownership

The first institutional-grade global network for digital securities.

Based on Hyperledger Fabric and aimed at institutional financial entities, assets and investors.

Free Issuance Platform for
Regulated Financial Institutions

As recently announced, founding members such as banks, exchanges, broker-dealers and other regulated financial institutions will be given our issuance platform for FREE, ahead of our April launch. Contact us today for access.
Issuance Platform and Digital Securities API
Our Issuance platform makes it easy for any regulated financial institution to begin issuing digital securities and our API allows those institutions to simply integrate Ownera to their existing infrastructure.

The Ownera Regulation App Store does not just enable compliance, but enforces it, making Ownera the first digital securities network to enforce regulation.

Digitizing the ownership of trillions of dollars in assets, and creating a new global digital securities network, is an unparalleled financial and social opportunity.

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Global Equity

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Global Debt

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Global Real Estate

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Within 10 years, digital securities will be the standard for the institutional ecosystem where the vast majority of global capital flows. Ownera will be the rails on which the multi-trillion dollar ecosystem transacts in this new digital era.

The Internet
of Ownership

Ownera is a global base-layer Proof of Ownership protocol on which the market can compete to manage all regulated asset ownership and trade.
KYA (Know Your Asset)
ONLY the core basic building blocks of ownership, common to all asset classes. It is complete, legally-binding, updated with disclosures, privacy-enabled and immutable
Verification by Underwriters
All information on Ownera is verified and “reputation- staked” by trusted underwriters, and then sealed and replicated with Proof of Ownership.
Trusted distribution of verified assets is the key to massive adoption in the institutional market.

The 9 Building Blocks
of Ownera

People or legal entities with KYC/AML approval.
Assets in the real world, paired to Ownera tokens via KYA.
Underwriting Nodes
Financial and Commercial entities, with trusted ownership services expertise.
Atomic Trades
Instant settlement against any currency, including fiat, with no counter-party risk.
Proof of Ownership
Consensus designed to prove ownership of off-chain assets.
Financial incentives powering a global economy of trusted ownership services.
Regulation App Store
Built-in regulation-compliance. Issuers select which regulations to support.
Full control over privacy for assets and owners.
Public, transparent, non-profit, permission-decentralized.

The Ownera building blocks work together to
deliver proof of real ownership

Who’s the perfect underwriting node?
Investment banks and broker-dealers.

Verifying the value of securities and distributing them, is something investment bankers, broker-dealers and other underwriters have been doing for decades
They understand the business needs and fiduciary duties of institutional investors, and they are REGULATED.
They have access to the largest and most lucrative assets.
They are at the center of the institutional investor ecosystem and can distribute assets in scale.
Digitizing illiquid private assets is a massive new and lucrative market, which they will otherwise lose.

Demo Presentation

Watch the video of Ownera co-founder and CEO Ami Ben-David presenting a working demo of Ownera to the world at the April 2019 Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles.

Team Members
Co-Founder | CEOAmi Ben-David
Co-FounderAlon Goren
Co-Founder | SvP RnDYuval Carmel
Co-FounderJosef Holm
Co-Founder | CTODiego Besprosvan
COOZiv Keinan
Head of Business Development EuropeAnthony Woolley

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