Digitizing the world's largest offline market

The vast majority of assets in the world are private, and the market has been growing twice as fast as public markets, yet it remains mostly offline.

Public Markets

Global Capital Raised

$ 1.4 trillion/year

Secondary Markets

$ 33 trillion/year

We are deploying FinP2P:
A global online network interconnecting private markets

3 Main Use Cases

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Funds


  • Cross-DLT
  • Instant settlement
  • Custody Solutions
  • Reg Compliance
  • Vertical Platforms

The Technology, FinP2P

  • FinP2P is a cross-ledger network with open-source API specifications contributed by Ownera
  • It is a thin, stateless routing network, interconnecting diverse DLT sub markets
  • It lets institutions launch and share assets and route atomic transactions using open APIs
  • Ownera delivers FinP2P compatible network nodes and digital securities solutions to the financial industry
FinP2P Specifications

What taking the market online means

  • Better access to capital / assets

    Thousands of potential non-retail investors online per round (instead of < 50) - better access to capital, with liquidity premium. On the other side - A global investor base gets access to the assets.

  • Secondary Liquidity

    A 100X opportunity compared to current private market liquidity – a global private market network with instant transactions and zero friction. Potentially life-changing for founders and employees.

  • A digital distribution market

    A strategic opportunity for banks, asset managers, exchanges, trading platforms – a new digital market with efficiency, scalability, new services, new clients and new business models.

  • Legal, Regulatory and Management

    Simplifed, unified and automated – removing significant time, cost and friction and enabling instant transactions (instead of weeks). Online live dashboards, digital cap tables – everything digitized.

  • Due Diligence

    Standardized data rooms. Zoom road shows. Private memorandum and structured searchable data available to relevant investors online.

  • Potential New Markets

    Once the private market is digital and tokenized, it opens the door to derivatives, collateral management, securities lending and information services.

Company And Market Leadership

Ami Ben David


An experienced entrepreneur, investor, and the creator of FinP2P.

Ami was an early pioneer, founder, builder and investor in companies in the digital securities space, driving the industry forward with vast and deep knowledge of the market and tech, and strong ties across the ecosystem.

Anthony Woolley


A former banking CIO and Managing Director with expertise in Capital Markets and Investment Banking at Societe Generale, HSBC and Citi. Co-Founded and Chairs the GDF Private Markets Digital Securities Steering Group

Alon Goren


Founding Partner at Draper Goren Holm Venture Studio (Ownera investors), Founder of LA Blockchain Summit, formerly founder of 805 Startups, and CTO at Wells Compliance Group. Serves as external CMO, and board member for Ownera.

Greg Brogger


A renowned market expert in private company liquidity. Founder of SharesPost, the first and largest digital marketplace for private growth companies, with $ 10B transactions in 350 companies (Acquired by Forge). Formed Nasdaq Private Markets as a JV with sharesPost.

Yuval Carmel

Co-Founder | CTO

An experienced enterprise platforms technology leader and expert in enterprise blockchain platforms across all major DLTs. Responsible for delivery of FinP2P to the market. Formerly CTO of Capriza (Enterprise mobility platform backed by A16Z), R&D at HP, Mercury

Diego Besproven

Co-Founder | Chief Architect

The Blockchain expert and the architect of FinP2P. Architected and built multiple networks, including a messaging network used by ~500 million users. Formerly chief architect of Tango (unicorn) and mailvision (sold)