Ownera led a group of 70 financial institutions and fintechs to design FinP2P, an open source, decentralized protocol, interconnecting all platforms

Enabling digital trading between clients of financial institutions across:

  • any blockchain or traditional ledger
  • any issuance or exchange platform
  • any custody technology
  • any settlement currency
  • any reg compliance engine

How FinP2P works


Three Pillars of FinP2P

Primary Distribution

Assets issued over the FinP2P network carry all of the information required to make an investment decision including investment documentation, pricing information and regulatory certificates. When an investment is made, the record of ownership of the asset is updated automatically and the payment for the transaction is settled in real-time.

Secondary Liquidity

The FinP2P network supports Indications of Interest (IOI’s) to facilitate secondary transactions between network routers. Buy and sell intents can be issued across the network and matched by suitable investors on a peer-to-peer basis.


Assets can be pledged over the FinP2P network as collateral to support lending and borrowing and to meet margin obligations. The associated lending agreements can be executed automatically including the transfer of asset ownership in the event of a default.

FinP2P demonstration videos!

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